Case Studies

Knowledge, experience, and innovation are essential tools for revitalizing healthcare and healthcare facilities. These cases are concrete, real-life examples of the growth and improvement potential that can be realized with PDV Health Consulting.

Hospital Growth and Financial Stability

Hospitals in the United States get a significant portion of their income from Managed Care contracts and government programs, which can become an issue when costs rise and reimbursement falls. When rates change and programs are cut, healthcare facilities must have proactive plans in place or they can face big losses. One of Boston’s community hospitals was brought to the brink of closure by this type of financial strain. Signs pleading with visitors, philanthropists, and investors to “Save the Hospital” were posted through the lobbies and halls when they turned to Paul D. Vitale for a financial recovery strategy.

Value-Based Payment & Population Health

In 2005, the State of Massachusetts was experiencing intolerable escalations in Medicaid costs caused by varying social determinants that often led to hospitalization. An analysis showed that these costs were driven in part by frequent unnecessary admissions of dual-eligible geriatric patients who could have remained at home.